I'm not entirely sure about this but my first instinct is that exporting to PDF from inkscape wouldn't maintain href links as that is probably something for SVG export.

Someone with more knowledge can weigh in on this, but I can confirm that an href on text converted to a link will not present itself as a link in a PDF saved directly from inkscape.

On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 8:31 AM, okko7 <okko7@okko.org> wrote:
Hello all,

I just wanted to create a simple document (PDF) to explain how to do something on a webpage. I wanted to insert an URL, but couldn't find out how.

The tutorial explains that "you can create clickable links from objects in Inkscape by right clicking the object, and clicking 'Create Link'. Then, right click your new link and choose 'Link Properties' to set the web address and many other properties".

In my case, this didn't work (it remains non clickable).

Can anyone try to reproduce this?


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