I can't speak for Gnome 3, but on my Gnome 2 system I hold the Super key at the same time as Alt, which is enough to stop the window manager thinking I'm trying to move the window, yet Inkscape still treats it the same as just pressing Alt.


On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 8:24 AM, Lars Behrens <lars.behrens@kit.edu> wrote:
Hi there,

in almost any Linux window manager the Alt-key is reserved for window
actions, otoh it is important for Inkscape.

I used to map the Alt-key to the Super(Windows)-Key in Gnome to
circumvent that, but in Gnome3 you need the Windows key for some
actions, too.

>From the back of my mind I remember that there was a possibility in
Inkscape to deal with the dual use of the Alt key but I don't remember
which one.

Maybe someone can help me?


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