On Mar 28, 2006, at 9:47 AM, Jon A. Cruz wrote:

Probably the main things to get changed are:

* how the colors are stored per-document

* how the styles are referenced and updated

Oh, and the majority of the work I'm doing is going towards supporting managed color, etc.

I've hit a major problem on implementing the color details.

After some talk on Jabber, including more good feedback from Mental, I'd gotten a good feel for where things are, where they need to go, and various steps needed to get there.

Unfortunately, I've discovered that just covering the various paint methods in section 11.2 of the SVG spec can cause Inkscape to crash!


Namely, adding fallback color after a paint server URI should work... but...

"fill:url(#blob) #ff00ff;"

As I expected, the fallback wasn't preserved by default. No biggie. The problem was when I changed the id to an "extension" paint server element. This should have caused it to fall back to the explicit color, or at the worst gone black or transparent. Instead, it caused my Inkscape to crash.

Does anyone have any insight on this problem?