Hi all,
I do not use Inkscape to print, but Adobe Acrobat (since you do not want tiling, the Reader version should be fine). The steps that I follow are (roughly):
1) Download the latest Windows version (inkscape-LATEST.zip);
2) Run it, select/make the appropriate page size, draw;
3) Save as "PDF" and save as "Cairo PDF" and compare both PDFs (in particular if you have transparencies);
4) If I am using a "fancy" page-size that I created. I make sure I have that page size available in Windows. In case you must create one the steps are:
Go to "Start\Printers and Faxes"
Go to "File\Server Properties"
Under the "Forms" tab I create the appropriate form (i.e. page size) and save it with a nice name.
5) Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and print it. But note that:
- You must check under the document properties (Ctrl+D) that the page size is correct.
- Remember to select the appropriate paper size for the pirnter (inside "File\Print..." then "Properties" and in "Advanced...");
- Selecting Adobe to rescale or not should not provide different results, but these can happen. So it is worth testing.
I am able to print huge and/or custom works this way without problems in many different printers.
Wild wild guess: if everything else fails, try printing an exported bitmap with a resolution of 600 dpi or less.

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