> I did the above steps.  I created a 8.5 x 24 inch form and saved it.
> I opened the document in Adobe Reader 7 (I used the latest version).
> I checked the document properties and the page size is correct.  The 
> entire custom document size is correct.
> I set this to banner paper since that is the only setting I can find in 
> the HP printer set-up box.  I set it to landscape.  The paper size that 
> I set in step 4 does not show up as a paper choice.  Should it?

That depends on your printer driver. Since you cannot see it there, then your driver probably has another way of handling non-standard page sizes.

> When I click on print, the Print box opens.  The Preview shows only 8.5 
> x 11 inches, NOT the entire 24 inches.  If I click on "Choose Paper 
> Source by PDF paper size", I get a 14 inch preview.  14 inches is the 
> max. I have ever gotten. (HP assured me that the printer can print out 
> longer then 14 in. documents).
> Print range is ALL.  With ALL selected, the first 11 inches of the 
> document is highlighted (see above paragraph).  If I click on any other 
> selection (Current view or Pages), only the middle 11 inch section of 
> the document is highlighted.  Both ends are darkened.
> When Page Scaling is set to NONE, the preview shows the entire document 
> BUT only 11 inches in length are highlighted.  The remaining 13 inches 
> are darkened out.  It is this darkened section that does not print.  If 
> I could only get that remaining 13 inches highlighted, I guess the 
> entire thing will print (right assumption?).

>From this I can conclude that your printer will print in a Letter page (11 inches is its longest dimension). So please ignore the previous wild guesses, it seems that you must do something in the print dialogue. Most probably, under the "Properties" of the printer inside "Advanced". Your assumption is correct, whenever you manage to have the whole thing highlighted you you print it all.
You must play with your printer settings (File\Print...\Properties and File\Print...\Properties\Advanced). If I were you, I would check the print properties in the applications that do print correctly, this way you could maybe get the hint of what is incorrectly set in the printing from Acrobat Reader.
How did you manage to get 14 inches highlighted?
Did you try Portrait?
Did you try checking all your options in "File\Print...\Properties" under the "Layout" tab?
Did you try checking all your options in "File\Print...\Properties\Advanced" under "Page/Output"?
Keep playing with the print settings, I really believe that your solution is there.
Wild guess: make sure you are trying to print in the same printer from Acrobat Reader as from the other applications that get it printed right.

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