All those BUGS not branches... with the external-gdl branch.

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 11:22 AM, Josh Andler <> wrote:
Tested and commented on all those branches.

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 2:16 AM, ~suv <> wrote:
On 12/6/11 21:37, Alex Valavanis wrote:
> * Docked dialogs no longer grab keyboard focus... this is a bit
> annoying, because you cannot tab-select input fields.

On 13/6/11 10:30, Alex Valavanis wrote:
> @Josh - The upstream developer sounded very positive about accepting
> some/all of our changes
> (  I guess the
> focus-switching is the most critical issue... we can live without
> icons, and as per the preceding discussion, it should be possible just
> to use the existing API if we decide we want to.  I have asked
> Johannes from gdl if he would be happy to add this feature and if he
> can estimate an ETA.

The focus switching seems to trigger other UI/workflow issues in
Inkscape's GUI though. I haven't built the branch with the external gdl
yet - to be able to compare - but will provide some links to the bug
tracker [1]: several reports (+duplicates) are about keyboard shortcuts
trapped by docked dialogs - failing without explicitly moving the focus
back to the canvas or even causing status changes in the current
document (for example making 'root' the current drawing level even
though 'root' is normally not accessible from within the GUI).

Before committing changes upstream, maybe those issues can be
investigated if they are due to local changes in gdl, possibly limited
to ported platforms only or need to be addressed elsewhere in Inkscape's


[1] some (IMHO) related reports:

Bug #201203 in Inkscape: “focus issues when using docked palettes”:

Bug #505225 in Inkscape: “Layer text box popup”:

Bug #666512 in Inkscape: “Cannot use keyboard to move layer up/down”:

Bug #768103 in Inkscape: “Alt+B does not create a bitmap copy if same
mnemonic is defined in docked dialog”:

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