I was thinking more like 1 minute - you know like a captivating overview that supported the text in a visual way and made people want to use the software - which briefly showed what inkscape is, what it looks like and how it's used. A short voice-over + sub-title summing up what Inkscape is, cc background music, 3-5 second shots of inkscape on different OSs, close-ups of a few important features in use, a time-lapse of someone making art... 

I was thinking more detailed videos (like interviews etc.) could go in other more appropriate sections of the site - with a transcription/text article equivalent on each page. 

Maybe dumb but...don't want to freak people out when they just want to know what it is (it's an overview page after all - what I imagined people would get if they click the Learn More button as on the home page design).

Yes, yes, YES!  Very well summed up; that's precisely what we need.  More videos can be spread throughout in overviews of various sections.  I'm even thinking it could be nice if the "features" boxes were just screenshots, but when you click on them they animate, silent little movies demonstrating the feature, maybe even make the sub-features there expand when clicked on to show a screenshot-video in similar style (naturally with instructions and visual cues).  I think video can be used to great effect in promoting Inkscape.

Task for artists:
404 page improvement: see http://djink.chrismorgan.info/errors/404 for the basic thing I did (I think I have a warped mind - not sure quite why replacing the logo with "linked image not found" occurred to me).  I want to get some graphic/s in there in some form, and here's the idea I've had:
* Take the cup of tools from the 0.47 splash screen - http://sko.deviantart.com/art/Inkscape-0-47-contest-entry-122430398 if you don't know/remember it
* Tip it on its side with the tools spilling out.
This would fit nicely on the right leaving space for text on the left.  If done well I think it would produce a very nice effect.  Any artists want to take a crack at producing something like that?

All up, this project is progressing well and I'm very optimistic about its success.  We've already got a lot more done than we did last time (and it's looking heaps better!).  Especial thanks to duckgoesoink - the design looks very impressive and is also practical to use.

I probably won't be getting much more done on this until mid January on account of various Christmas-related things and a church youth camp at the start of January, but I'll be right back to it as soon as I can be - I'm enjoying this :-)


Chris Morgan.