+10 for a Thunderbird-style approach. Eliminate the need for 99% (?) of users to make difficult choices without reducing options.

Possibly get it wrong for the occasional user who's messed with their UA string or is using an unusual Linux distro, but honestly, they should expect that. And it's not like we'd be using the UA to prescribe medication or anything really dangerous.

 - Bryan

On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 09:37, Chris Mohler <cr33dog@gmail.com> wrote:
Holy war aside, I like Thunderbird's approach:

(Make a best-guess based on UA string, present a large 'download'
button based on that guess and also put a link for 'other systems'

Regarding the holy war:
The site should promote Inkscape, not any particular OS (or religion
for that matter - in this discussion they seem to be the same ;).  As
a linux user, the "Windows, Mac and Linux" list is perfectly
acceptable to me.


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