Thank you donna, Here's the deal with the recommendation that we go Django. #1 more people are comfortable with Django, #2 it's easier to build our apps separately outside of a cms than to build modules for everything we want to do. such as user submitted artwork and plugins etc etc. Just looking at the big picture it's a little easier. Also nice mockups, for a general idea. A lot of the content would be changed tho. I do like some of the ideas though...

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 12:26 AM, Donna Benjamin <> wrote:

Did some low-fi mockups...

Haven't yet had a chance to look over the mindmap and google docs - but
will do that now.

I totally agree with Josh that the website should focus on attracting
new users, serving current users, and finally helping developers find
developer resources and news...

It also needs to market the potential of Inkscape... be a showcase of
what it's good for.

It needs to be easy to use... it needs to have clear links to the
license and the bug tracker - with instructions on how to report bugs.

It needs to show users they can get help in learning, and get help in
getting better...

We could learn a little from Kathy Sierra here too - users want to
create art (or diagrams or mockups) if we can help them be awesome, they
will love us.

Sorry for missing the first part of this discussion - I've long been
keen to help in the website redev - but my time has been crunched.

And if the decision has been made to go with Django - then there's not
much I can do about that.

If that decision has not been made I would ask we leave Drupal on the
table until the requirements are clear.

- Donna

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