I believe relative paths are the solution to #1 & #2.

I've been quite pleased with the recent changes to Inkscape that allow useful relative paths in the export dialog -- previously, relative paths were taken to be relative to the CWD, which could be different any time you run Inkscape, different on different machines or for different users, etc, etc. Now, relative paths are taken to be relative to the document's path. Works like a charm! Makes it very convenient to move the file, or zip up a project folder to send to other people, or use an SVG file in a repository.

I believe both export hints & image references use the same logic now, IIRC.

One feature which might help with all this is for any file chooser dialog (including for extensions) to return the pathname as a relative path when it makes sense.

 - Bryan

On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 22:56, Craig Marshall <craig9@gmail.com> wrote:

I'd like to make a couple of requests for features (or perhaps
explanations/pointers to why they can't be included).

1) It would be really cool to have a proper directory selection (or
popup directory chooser) as an option on the inkex dialog. This way
the user doesn't have to memorise their favourite directories etc.,
they can browse to them, or use favourites, etc.

2) Someone on #inkscape mentioned that the filename/directory
information was excluded from the SVG for security reasons, but this
class of information is still freely included in the form of export
hints. It's inconsistent for one, and inconvenient for another. I've
just been developing an extension where it would have been much nicer
to export the necessary files to the same directory by default. A
possible workaround if 1) is ever implemented, would be to optionally
default the directory chooser to the drawing's working directory,
thereby bypassing the security problem.

3) Possibly related to 2. Whenever I export a document from inkscape,
then move the file (I have a bunch of folders/hierarchies and the
files move depending on various states), if I then need to export
again, I have to tell it where to export to, and it's a bit of a pain,
it would be nice for an option to always export to the working


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