Hey Board,

So, given that we have money in the bank and things like devsprints are considered kosher, can I try and organize one for our most inspired/active/interested developers? My thought is plan out a ways so airfare is reasonable, and book a few hotel rooms for 6-8 developers for a few nights if they're interested. I think a primary focus should be on svg features/compliance (just one idea of many).

The people I have in mind to be a part (I'm not intentionally leaving people out, just looking at some of the most active & driven current developers), if interested, are Johan, Felipe, JazzyNico, Tav, JonCruz, Felipe, Jasper, & Krzysztof. Obviously we'd need to see if they're interested, but with enough lead time and pre-discussion about what people are interested in tackling... we could have some excellent stuff accomplished.