Hi, in Spanish we have the same issue: "Clear" is translated as "Limpiar" which actually means "Clean". I tend to leave it like that as there is no short translation for "Reset", which is what the button should say, in my opinion.
  I think that the term is ambiguous enough, both in English ("Clear") and in Spanish ("Limpiar"), to allow both interpretations ("Clean" and "Reset"), unless we don't want to be ambiguous. Do we?


2010/7/8 helix84 <helix84@centrum.sk>
2010/7/8 Cristian Secară <liste@secarica.ro>:
> The Clear is already translated in my language, but I cannot find it
> anywhere. Where from comes this one ?

It comes from GTK as is, look at line 151 in

   resetButton = addResponseButton(Gtk::Stock::CLEAR, 0);

You either have to change that stock button translation in GTK or file
a bug to i18n-ize this particular string differently (to allow
separate l10n). The latter would work if you can prove this meaning is
distinct from the stock button's one.


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