Hi guys,

In the light of the proposed Guidelines for Organising LGM
it would be great to know, as a team, if :

a) You have enough information to make a call on the proposed LGM venues for 2011? if not, what are you missing?
b) You had enough time for a round of internal discussions to see whether a significant portion of your team will make it to any of the 3 possible venues? If not, how much time would you like to have for such a round before making it a team decision?
c) You are in the end satisfied by the process? if not please give some hints on how to improve this process.
d) You are ready to make your call about the venues? if yes, please make it now, if not please tell us when, and maybe why!

Parallel questions:
e) Do you think the guidelines are helpful? if not, are they useless? can we improve them or should we simply remove the code?
f) What do you think of the bidding process? Should we keep it as it is, a one-year process? or should we make it a two-year process? And do you think again you have enough information to make a real choice? Please explain.

Thanks for getting back asap.


Each of the venues have a page on the Create Wiki: