Hello all inkscape developers and users,

I am currently developing the project named "C++ifying the SP Layer and XML node privatization". I had been doing the development for the same for about a month now and have created a branch for the corresponding developed code. The code as of now c++ifies sp-item.h/cpp , sp-line.h/cpp, sp-polyline.h/.cpp and marks the beginning of document.h/.cpp . There are some performance increase but they shall become more noticeable when I attack the major parent classes like SPDekstop, SPDocument(SPItem already done, took me 2 weeks). The branch is uploaded here 

I shall be glad to have responses about the work from the developers. I shall soon be beginning the XML node privatization as well where the main job would be to highlight the areas where XML tree should be targeted to begin its purging.

Hope this finds you all to your best.

Have a nice day!!!

Abhishek Sharma
B-Tech Information Technology
Indian Institute of Information Technology(Amethi Campus)