On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 12:32 PM, Ian Caldwell <inchosting@gmail.com> wrote:
Let's use that theme then as a starting point and go ahead and build a
prototype version in django obviously it may not
Look the same and may have different color combinations Etc as it was
made two years ago and it can be spruced up a little with HTML 5
etc... Is anyone willin to host a django dev environment? Osuosl will
set up the final django environment once the site is prime time
ready... I would like an admin interface in which certain people can
login to post news etc... But it doesn't have to be a complete cms as
most of these pages will be static...

If no one else will (I'm lazy :P), I can set up a Django environment on my server and tie it in with a bzr repository on Launchpad.  (hg has support for INI-based hooks, but bzr's are crippled, code-bound things... checked with #launchpad and email-based updates is the best which could be done at the moment).

I think that a repository-based system would be more suitable than a database-backed system (for the reasons I stated earlier), but we can play with that later.  Also considering that most of the pages will be static... bzr and Your Favourite Text Editor (viz, vim) is friendlier than a web interface for these sorts of things.  Rather like the current content/code is all in SVN.  Except with the content and code separated properly this time.

-- Chris