I haven't looked at the code, or tried it, but this is an excellent feature.

I assume that it also works for relative paths that are outside the document's path (eg paths like ../website/images, which is a real-life use-case for me), and that absolute paths are left intact (eg /myimages/ doesn't get turned into ../../../../myimages)?

 - Bryan

On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 04:59, Craig Marshall <craig9@gmail.com> wrote:

I've written some codethat makes the export dialog leave out the
directory when exporting a drawing or an object, defaulting to just
the png filename (patch attached).

This is for two reasons:

1) Since the export path defaults to the SVG directory anyway, this
will a) not change anyone's workflow, but b) will reduce work when you
inevitably move your files around. If relative paths are an option, is
there a good reason why they are not the default option? I suppose
it's conceivable that people always export all pngs to a certain fixed
folder that is nothing to do with the SVG directory, but then you have
to type that in anyway, so this doesn't harm that use case at all.

2) I didn't even know that relative paths worked until about a week
ago*, so I have to assume that at least some others don't know about
it either. This patch helps to advertise to users that it is even
possible, and saves them some work!

If you accept this code, please look at it very carefully, I am just a
novice at these things.


* I have manually updated the export path in this dialog when my files
need to be moved (at least once per file, depending on that jobs
status, which seems to be unavoidable in my workflow), I dont even
want to think how many hours I've spent doing this unnecessarily.

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