yes this seems to be somehow similar here.
In fact, when I disconnect all network drives, my problem is gone and incscape is fast.
When I've some network drives connected, I've the problem posted in my first mail.

But: I'm not saving on network drives nor working on network drives with inkscape.
I also checked the inkscape settings and all paths only point to the local drive.


2010/10/6 Rob Antonishen <rob.antonishen@gmail.com>
> If your file is saved to a remote disk, then it uses the network to do so.

In my experience this is not the case.

In my corporate notebook computer "My Documents" is located on
\\somecorparateserver\share\profile\My Documents

When using Inkscape as soon as I do a File->Open ro File->Save As it
kicks off a common dialog that be default tries to connect to My
Documents, which it can't do if I am on a a different network (i.e at
home or in a hotel).  Inkscape hangs for 30+ seconds until the Windows
netbios call times out, This is the case even if I am working with a
locally stored file.

-Rob A>

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