We are a group of five students from Finland, studying at University of Oulu, Department of Information Processing Science. We are currently working on a project assignment to offer help in usability development for an open source software project of our choice.

Past few weeks we have been familiarizing ourselves with Inkscape and its community and now we would like to offer our work resources for your use.

We have already figured out a few ideas of what we could do for the Inkscape project:
* Heuristic evaluation
* Usability testing
* Prioritization of usability related bugs on the buglist

To produce as useful results as possible, we would like to hear your ideas. How do you feel about the tasks suggested? Is there some specific part of the software we should focus on? Any ideas and feedback at this point would be greatly appreciated.

Project leader Aslak Karsi
Marko Arffman
Matias Patosalmi
Jouni Rissanen
Matti Siipola