On May 29, 2006, at 12:56 AM, matiphas@free.fr wrote:

But the tags are not translated. I first thought there was a problem with the

tags, but when I forced my editor (scintilla) to switch to UTF-8 encoding, tags

where correctly displayed

In the past, I've noticed two problems in this area

1) less-than or greater-than being taken as markup when they're not, and causing non-ASCII characters to be rejected (well, I think it was those two, but the non-ASCII was the problem).

2) all our strings seem to be run through the markup validation script, even though not all are supposed to be markup. Some are supposed to be plain text.

2B) some of our strings are used in dual contexts, with a consumer needing HTML in one case, and a different consumer needing plain text in another.