On May 20, 2006, at 3:11 PM, Peter Hillier-Brook wrote:

I hope he is paying you by the hour.

Fat chance. By the bottle is my best hope:-)


His hardware is so poor (a corner shop home brew with rubbish components) that Knoppix (and Kanotix and Ubuntu) won't run.

I did get INSERT 1.3.6 running, but parted made a hash of the

partitioning and I had to stick his disk in one of my machines to

partition and format it.


Thanks a lot for your input, Alan.


If you or anyone you know has time to hunt down the crash causes, then that would be helpful. We (or at least many of us including myself) would like Inkscape to be happy on as many platforms as possible. At the moment, though, my Win32 testing is all on a QEMU image being emulated on a Mac, so it's a bit slow for me to do anything. The good news is that I've at least talked to some of the GTK+ developers in person about this, and they'll be happy for any good solution to the problem.