On 1/26/06, Aaron and Sarah Spike <spike@ekips.org> wrote:
Knowing the author of the script, I would assume it lacks documentation.
  If you follow these directions for activating python effects
http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/GettingEffectsWorking . you
should find an Embed Image item in the effects menu. It will embed all
the png and jpg images in the current selection or if there is no
selection it will embed any png or jpg images found in the document.

Aaron Spike

Getting the effects menu to appear did the trick, and the images seem to be embedded just right. Will keep an eye if there are any problems with the pixmaps. I have only tried to embed jpegs and pngs, as I saw they were the ones supported best in both scripts. I wonder if it could also embed .xpms or other pixmap formats (not layerd, of course!)