I've been looking at the dropper-context.cpp code. It deals with sRGB colors only. I think that we should be able to pick an ICC color using the color picker. But there are some issues here:

1) the color picker acquires the rendered sRGB image of the document (a NRPixBlock) and colects the color of a single pixel (or an average). These pixels can be the result of compositing various layers of semi-transparent objects. We will need to implement icc-color compositing on our own if we wish to pick an equivalent color in the transformed color space.

2) Colors can be altered by filters, which are calculated in sRGB. So, it wouldnt be possible to pick an equivalent ICC color even when we are trying to pick a color from a filtered object that has an icc color in its fill or stroke.

3) how to deal with compositing of mixed color spaces? I.e. how to mix sRGB with icc transformed colors? Or even... how to mix colors in two (or more) color profiles? This seems to be hard to solve...

I'd like to know what's your (JonCruz and Inkscape devel team) opinion on that subject.