yes, we can start a thread there. But we should keep updating people here at inkscape-devel about what we are planning for the contest.

I would pay $150 for half of the first prize if we decide that it will be a vinyl cutter.
Anyway, I heard that maybe mozilla guys still didnt answer maybe because there is a mozilla meeting this week and everybody may be busy attending speaks and meeting mozilla people in person. Maybe we should wait to see whether we get some Mozilla funding after the event is over and this guys go back to "processing e-mail inbox" mode.


On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 10:25 PM, Patrick <> wrote:
Hey Juca

Thanks for the great tutorial!

I am looking forward to doing my own experiments(after I learn javascript!)

Would it be wise to move this thread to the user list? There must be many more people there, perhaps we could get more sponsorship. I need some guidance on buying a cutter. At $300+ we have a long way to go to finding enough support to buy one plus shipping. If a vinyl cutter is the way to go we need to find an economical model(that is still good quality) and more financial support.

Thanks again-Patrick

P.S I did not find any reasonably active SVG mailing lists, is there such a thing?

Felipe Sanches wrote:
I have just created a tutorial here:


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