Here are my proposal of rules:

1. Submissions must consist of a game. You can take this ( as an example, but you are not obliged to follow the same concept. Feel free to make whatever game you want. Bonus points if you add game instructions in the game itself.
2. It must use SVG and javascript.
3. It must run properly in Firefox 3 (this is what we will use for testing your game). It is also desirable (but totally optional) that you take efforts into making it run properly on other SVG-compliant browsers.
4. This contest is promoting Free Software and Open Standards. So, your submission must be licensed under a free-software/free-content license of your choice. By entering in this contest you are not transfering any of your copyrights. You will continue to be the copyright holder of the work submitted. We just require that you use a licensing that would allow others to eventually further improve your work.
5. If you want, you can use AJAX techniques in your SVG game (to store hi-scores in a server or to implement a multiplayer online game, for example). Server-side code can be implemented in the language and framework of your choice. You are not required to use AJAX or any server-side code, but if you do, you must also provide the server-side source code and brief instructions on how to setup a server for your game.
6. The SVG file(s) can be created either manually, or using a vector graphics editor (such as Inkscape) or even with whatever technique you wish (maybe you wish to use XSLT, for example...). Basically, if it is useful to you, final result is an SVG, and it is based on open standards then you can use it in this contest. We will be glad (bonus points) to know what did you use to create your work.
7. Submission must be sent to <email> until <date>, which is the contest deadline. The email must contain your name, an URL where the game is hosted, licensing information and a copy of all source code. During at least the next 2 weeks your submission must be kept online on the URL provided. We will test your game on the URL provided. We might eventually host all submissions in a single website, that's why we are asking you to send a copy of your code.
8. We will judge submissions based on your creativity, and the proper usage of the SVG 1.1 standard.

please tell me what you think about the rules