I have this oddball behavior going on with copy/paste.  I am running 0.47 on a mac with OS X Leopard.

I have a path that I am trying to copy and do "paste in place".  However, when I paste the path, what I am getting is an IMAGE, not a path,  I can't edit it.  It has a white background, which shouldn't be there, and it doesn't paste in place.  It pastes off to the left of where it should be. I am wanting to paste it in place on a different layer, but even pasting it on the same layer creates an image, instead of a copy of the original path.

How I determined that it was an image was to go into the XML editor and watched what happened when I did the paste.  Sure enough, the XML editor states that the copy is an image, not a path.

What is going on?  Have I changed a setting somewhere by accident?  Or is this a bug?