Thanks. In fact my question is simple : will the coding changes to reach compatibility with other viewers and renderers affect the aspect of the already created works using filters, gradients and other features which causes problem ? Of course if doing some changes in filters numerical entries could help I would search actively how to do this, but if the  problem stays deeper in Inkscape code I can't do anything.

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Objet : Re: [Inkscape-devel] Re : turbulence filters

Ivan Louette wrote:
> I tested most filters today with Batik, Firefox and Opera and the
> results are prettily similar now in those three apps. Thus seemingly all
> filters who extensively use Color matrix (to control blur, transparency,
> lightings display wrong in Inkscape.
> Thus if I am not wrong and if this is the only problem could we
> imaginate some kind of translator which converts filters color matrix
> data of the already created filters after this problem will be solved ?

No, this affects all filters and more (although filters are the most
obvious as there the default case is different from what we do). In
fact, the first time I noticed the effect was with the gaussian blur
filter (I couldn't explain the difference between our rendering and
Batik's rendering, until I found these properties and verified that they
were indeed the cause).

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