I was wondering about something similar today regarding the calligraphy tool vs the other path tools (freehand and bezier).

Couldn't a calligraphy simulation be programmed that uses existing path and nodes from the other tools with a time:length ratio along the path to derive the speed of the simulated calligraphy motion?

- Tony

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From: Bryce Harrington <>

On Tue, Mar 20, 2007 at 12:05:35AM -0700, microUgly wrote:
> I really like the effect of "Mass" on the Caligraphy tool, and I'd love to
> see the feature on Pencil tool also.  

Due to how SVG requires paths to be done, I'd be doubtful that this
could be done with Pencil, but it sounds like you've got the seed of a
good idea for a new kind of tool, although I'd wonder if the calligraphy
tool could be modified to have a "pencil-like" mode.

> Until then (hint) does anyone have any clever tricks to help me freehand
> draw a smooth path?
> The best I've thought of (and it's not very good) is to use the Caligraphy
> tool freehand draw a closed shape, tediously place objects to fill it, then
> "union" them to create one solid shape that I can apply a stroke to.

There is now a 'bucket fill' feature in latest Inkscape dev SVN, which
works amazingly well for this.

> I really don't think you can use the pencil tool practically with a tablet.
> It's usable when combined with simplify but even then the results are
> unpredictable and can require a lot of manual manipulation.

That's too bad - make sure bugs are entered on these issues in the bug
tracker (they probably already are, but never hurts to have someone
confirm and add info).