On Feb 12, 2009, at 4:50 PM, Krzysztof Kosiński wrote:

Jon A. Cruz wrote:

The "legacy icons" are actually special cases where there is a  

name used by themes that does not match the older name used  

internally by Inkscape.

I am 100% sure those are the only icons looked up in the theme, because I

tested it.

Looking at my current OS X config, I see eleven of the twenty-five I  

see on my main toolbar are ones that come from my local theme.

You are probably confusing GTK stock item theming with application theming.

Inkscape uses some icons from the current theme because it uses GTK stock

items. The icons used for e.g. the tool switcher ar not themed.

You probably need to set up a wiki page and list exactly which theme mechanisms on which platforms you tested.

I know that as I was exercising the code, I tried many different themes, including adding new names to existing themes, and those worked for me.

I remember testing both stock items *and* named icons, and seeing positive results for both.

I did not try any of the new "application theme" idea.