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@= David,
Maybe I did not understand your question. Sorry if that is the case= .
Did you try with Ctrl+F2? Here is a quick tutorial ?v=3D-0cnYSEg4V4 

@ Lars,
I always confuse Lars and David ;-)

Op 22 mei 2012 om 02:51 uur schreef david@lang.h= m:

I have some .svg files that I create with the tools = at (it
does a good job of turning progromatic data in= to a valid graphic), but
there are a lot of times when I would like t= o grab a chunk of the
resulting digram and move it around. The proble= m I have had trying to use
Inkscape to do this is that I can select a= nd grab a block, but the lines
stay put. I really want to grab the ob= jects and the endpoints of the lines
that are within the selection wi= ndow and move the endpoints along with the

Is there= an easy way to do this that I have been overlooking?

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