Thanks for getting back I did not have the fill and stroke set up

From: ~suv <>
To: Inkscape User Community <>
Sent: Wed, May 4, 2011 11:01:44 PM
Subject: Re: [Inkscape-user] problem don't know who to ask

On 5/5/11 05:48, Jerry Mc Guire wrote:
> Don't know who to ask, I just started try inkscape for the first. When I
> draw a rectangle I don't a black rectangle just a doted rectangle, what I'm
> I doing wrong.

Check the setting for the global opacity and make sure that it is > 0.
(You can either use the spinbox with the label 'O:' in the status line,
or the opacity slider in the 'Fill and Stroke' dialog).

If this doesn't help and new objects still are not visible (only the
bounding box frame - the "doted rectangle" - while still selected),
check the settings of the current layer in the 'Layers...' dialog and
make sure the layer opacity is > 0.


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