Thanks guys. I would take a look at gdk-pixbuf as option.

It just struck me: is it possible to chain the extensions in inkscape? If that can be done then I can use Jpeg 'output' extension as 'input' for my extension. Don't know if that will make any sense in Inkscape's planned extension architecture, but worth a thought.


On Dec 28, 2007 1:39 AM, Nicu Buculei <> wrote:
Jayesh Salvi wrote:
> It is also a possibility to fork another inkscape instance as command
> line and use --export-png to convert to PNG (I think flickr/picasa will
> accept png). But the conversion result was very poor when I tried it.
> When the SVG image contained some simple black lines on a white
> background, the resultant PNG contained only black lines and no background.

flickr will automatically convert at upload time the PNG to JPEG with a
very poor result: you can't adjust the quality but, even worse, this
will destroy the alpha transparency (blur shadows, antialiased edges),
so this is not a viable option.
Picasaweb added support for PNG (it used to not accept PNG files) and it
seems to work correctly.

Probably you could fork another Inkscape, export as PNG, use ImageMagick
to convert to JPEG and upload that JPEG, but it seems more trouble (and
poorer) than using gdk-pixbuff.

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