On Apr 21, 2008, at 8:22 AM, Marcin Floryan wrote:

Unfortunately there seems to be a little problem now with the Inkscape XML

parser - since the namespace applied to the root element now causes it to

prefix all elements with "extension:" (as per xml/repr-io.cpp:443) and no

extensions are loaded (as per extension/system.cpp:393).

Hence the question - since we are already including libxml2 with Inkscape why

not use it to handle all XML files. I know I am missing something big here but

maybe a short info is possible.

It seems that extensions are, anyway, separated enough that parsing of the .inx

files could now be done with libxml2 (I should be able to do it). And then to

take it a step further, libxml++ comes to mind - since we are moving anyway in

the C++ direction. Could this dependency be introduced then? It would need

updated config scripts and an addition to the windows libs (I have no clues

about osx).

I believe we are using libxml2 already. So if anything it is our specific parameters and calls to libxml that are an issue, *if* there is any issue.

However... I think that the issue is how the namespace was set. It wasn't quite that the top-level element had the namespace set, but that the top-level element sets the default namespace.

Since the default namespace is being set, it is not surprising that the attributes use that.