I have similar problem (input action on different place than the pointer) on different circunstances:

Input: Mouse or Stylet used on garphic tablet.
Configuration : Dual screen on the right side of the main screen (on windows)
Consequence: Input happens on the right of the cursor

I haven't measured the distance in pixels between input and cursor, but it seems to have a relation with the dual screen resolution.

Inkscape seems to have trouble with dual screen : disabling it enables me to use the graphic tablet without trouble.

Hope it helps.

On 9/29/07, Robert Funnell <robert.funnell@mcgill.ca> wrote:
Perhaps it's worth making it clear that at least one person (me) has
used several different versions of Inkscape under Windows XP without
seeing the problem that you describe, and I'd never heard of such a
problem before.

On Sat, 29 Sep 2007, Jim Ford wrote:

> Jim Ford wrote:
>> I've just installed Inkscape on a Windows XP machine and am having major
>> problems with the mouse. I've tried both the latest distro and the
>> stable one with no difference in behavior.
>> On clicking the mouse pointer on the Inkscape window, the action takes
>> place far to the right of the window, not under the pointer. Not only
>> does this make creating objects difficult, it make selecting them
>> impossible!
> Oh well, no replies - so as it's unusable, into the bit-bucket Inkscape
> goes!
> 8^(
> Jim Ford

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