Is there a point in the development timeline when non-working features should be disabled in order to (temporarily) resolve non-critical bugs?

I'm thinking of the Save with media to zip archive feature ( ), but perhaps there are others. My feeling is that removing such things is a good way to improve the 'fit-and-finish' of the release...


On Dec 30, 2007 4:25 PM, Bryce Harrington <> wrote:
3 more criticals down!  11 to go.  See the prioritized bugs here:

(The clock icons mean they're ones we've milestoned as must-fixes for
0.46; please lend a hand with getting them figured out!)

Pts BugID   Assignee      Description
 3  171593  Diederik      Snapping menu items and shortcuts
 3  168912  Johan Engelen axonometric grid angle changes with...
12  168588  Johan Engelen assertion failed, file sp-conn-end.cpp
 3  171783  Bulia Byak    rclk on palette should change outline color
 3  171710  JonCruz       Sum color dragging color inother
 3  171292  ---           Transparency reduced pdf export
 9  168865  Johan Engelen Crashes applying "Path along path" effect...
 3  171803  Johan Engelen Angled Guidelines!
12  168570  Johan Engelen Crash when recreating grid using 'redo'
 9  178004  Max Albert    assert when saving as plain svg
 3  170374  ---           perspective/warp transformation envelope
 6  168574  ---           Grid setup truncate significant figures
12  178803  theAdib       Save As... -> filetype "PDF via Cairo" crashes
 9  178312  Diederik      Global 'Enable snapping' option non-functional
 9  177891  Johan Engelen feGaussianBlur crashes when setting fill paint
 9  174475  Niko Kiirala  feImage renderer crashes on non-external image
12  167416  Diederik      Shrinking a pattern causes lock-up
 9  172778  Johan Engelen Grid settings not respected when reopening doc
 6  167640  Bryce         Escaped HTML chars - tooltips show incorrectly

12  168751  ---           crash rm text from path w/ text cursor active
12  176018  Kees Cook     Cairo render prints nothing; bitmap crashes
12  168097  Mental        Crash when using clone as clippath
 9  179332  Bryce         Teeth number in Gears LPE needs tweaking
180         Goal:  500

Note:  Points are not given for bugs fixed as invalid, dupe, or
worksforme, and only for issues that require code changes to fix (not
website, translation, or documentation changes).

Note:  Scoring for bugs is based on their Importance:  Crit=12, High=9,
Med=6, Low=3, Undecided=3, Wishlist=3.

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