On Mar 23, 2009, at 1:59 PM, Ed Halley wrote:

Also mentioned in this thread was the blurry icon for the zoom tool  


I'm still seeing the fuzzy magnifier icon in the left-side toolbox as of

20967.  I committed a change to line 377 of src/widgets/desktop- 


which chooses a different magnifier icon.  If someone can't find a  


way to fix the actual rasterizing/caching bug here, I'll add a brand new

dedicated icon for desktop-widget to use for "zoom-on-window-resize."

I've touched on it elsewhere, but it turns out to regressions in behavior as some of the new icon work undid fixes I had put in, instead of just adding on to things.

Now that I've got some other things finished enough to check in, I'll be backing out those changes that broke/blurred things. Bulia had even contacted me about them, but I had already bee n working on collecting the info, broken screenshots, etc. That's allowed me to verify what problems are actually being encountered and how to fix them.