Now to be more precise again : admitting I work with the future corrected version of Inkscape, I select an object or a picture in my document, I click on a filter in one of the lists in a Filters submenu while the filters.svg file in Inkscape directory is the same than today. Will Inkscape new version add to the filter the instructions needed to display the filter like it displays in Inkscape today ?

Sorry, I am a visual person and not a coder (if I could I would... but at the moment no time to go further in this direction I am afraid) and I try to understand the most clearly I can because I must evaluate which kind and amount of work will be needed to adapt the results of my work if necessary.

Thanks for your patience and regards,

De : Jasper van de Gronde <>
À : Ivan Louette <>
Envoyé le : Vendredi, 26 Juin 2009, 13h49mn 18s
Objet : Re: Re : [Inkscape-devel] Re : turbulence filters

Most definitely! Any existing work using filters will be rendered differently using other viewers or newer versions of Inkscape. How visible the difference is depends on the type of filter. And since the transfer function is highly non-linear there is really no other fix than adding the color-interpolation-filters="sRGB" property to the affected filters (which will make them look the same in other viewers as in Inkscape).

Ivan Louette wrote:
> Thanks. In fact my question is simple : will the coding changes to reach compatibility with other viewers and renderers affect the aspect of the already created works using filters, gradients and other features which causes problem ? Of course if doing some changes in filters numerical entries could help I would search actively how to do this, but if the  problem stays deeper in Inkscape code I can't do anything.