On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 2:55 PM, Terry Brown <terry_n_brown@yahoo.com> wrote:

You could also try:

- draw an ellipse
- covert to a path (4 nodes)
- edit nodes
- select bottom and left or bottom and right node
- click add node button twice
- de-select all nodes
- drag one of the new nodes out to make the tail

Might be faster?

I don't know about faster, but that's a neat way of doing it. I had never thought of doing that.  I just tried it and I can get some pretty neat tails off of it. The only difference is that I add 3 new nodes, make them all corner nodes, and then drag the middle one of the three downward to where i want it. You can then play with the node handles to get the shape you want.

Thanks for the tip.