Just out of curiosity, how much does printing something like this cost? Is the hardware (rollerblind part) a separate thing or part of a product?


On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 2:49 PM, Terry Brown <terry_n_brown@yahoo.com> wrote:

is a not very good photograph of a poster I worked on recently that was
printed by a commercial printer.  It's 85x200 cm (33.5 x 78.7

It was printed from a 50MB pdf sent to a commercial printer.  The
printing of the vector elements (text etc.) is sharp - that's not
obvious in this snapshot.

I used Inkscape 0.46 and a reasonably recent cairo.  I had to manually
convert blurs to bitmaps, and clipping didn't seem to work in cairo pdf
output, so I had to actually crop the images or use PNG transparency
(all Gimp work).  These were relatively minor irritations, I assume
cairo will get these things sorted eventually.

The printer didn't report any issues with the PDF, the printout is
exactly how it appeared in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Hardware wise it's a plastic material that rolls up into the silver
base like a roller-blind.  The pole that supports it from behind folds
in three like a tent-pole and also stores in the base.  I'd assume it's
moisture resistant, but not good in windy areas.

Working with the shadows made me think an extension which creates a
layer of shadows for all the objects in the current layer would be nice.

Cheers -Terry

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