Hi Alexandre,
Message: 5
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 10:26:06 +0300
> I am interested in working on the "transformation-anchors" project in GSOC
> this year.

Go bless you for that! Some hardcore XFig users get really hot about
this feature missing in Inkscape.

It sounds great. Good to know it is important. I have developed a couple of graphics editors that focus on precision and flexibility at the same time. I can see knowing where the center can be moved to is important.
And... You traded GIMP for Inkscape this GSoC? :)

Thank you for noticing. I can see your emails very often too in Gimp and Inkscape.
> SVN: I used it at work before.

We rely on bazaar-ng these days, but it bears some resemblance to SVN,
so it shouldn't be a problem.


Bazaar-ng seems interesting. I assume that it would be better than SVN, which seems to be used previously. (?)