Inkscape Portable 0.47 has now also been released at



If anyone has any amendments that should be made to either page, please email me and I can correct it (other than the Inkscape logo which needs updating, but I can't do that one).

I've also added it to the main Inkscape download page (it is an official Inkscape package), but for English only.  I took a look at the German version, wondering whether I should go through and fix all the languages, but the whole page is quite different... we really need to get all the pages to look the same.  It's just not working well how it is (also with big long commented out sections strewn right through the file...).

We should redesign the whole Inkscape download page.  It should be pretty to look at, especially seeing as it's a graphics editor.  It should also detect the user's operating system and recommend the download for them.  I'll see if I can do this basically next week or the week after (I'll post here with a proposed design).  Currently I reckon the download page needs a redesign more than the website itself.

-- Chris Morgan <>

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