Here are my Windows builds.  I haven't uploaded them to SourceForge as I don't seem to have those permissions there... and yet I distinctly recall being given them by someone.
Inkscape Portable is not currently digitally signed by, that was the original plan but I'm not sure if it will be still... better to wait a day or so before uploading it to SourceForge, I'll send a link to John T. Haller of to see if he wants to sign it.

A note for next time, Ted: packaging/win32/portable/App/AppInfo/appinfo.ini:[Version]->PackageVersion is meant to be an X.X.X.X version number, so I changed it back from 0.47 to  This is the only change I made to the downloaded source bundle, which is good :-).  (Since yesterday with the release of the Format and Installer 1.0, [Format]->Version is also 1.0, but that's incrememted automatically by the Installer.  It'd be a good idea for me to update it when we're bizarre though.)  I'm planning on making a proper build script for the packaging step of Inkscape and Inkscape Portable before 0.48 which will take care of all this so you won't need to do it.

-- Chris Morgan <>

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