You can get the effect by separating your multi-point line to individual segments, then applying the pattern to path for each segment.  It's not the most ideal solution, but it is a workable.  I really like your idea of allowing for a single pattern along each segment.  Even better... allow the user to specify the number of patterns per segment.

This would definitely be a very useful option for the Pattern along Path effect!

- Tony

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The new patterns along paths is way cool.  But am I right in
thinking that it won't do one thing that the old kochify effect did
- put one copy of the 'pattern' along each internode of the path?

I think it would be good if there was another mode - "one copy per
internode".  Not sure if it makes sense for that to come in
stretched, unstretched, snake, and ribbon flavors.

Cheers -Terry