Okay. Then how to get these fonts into inkscape..?

They must be bought somewhere and install..?

Isn't there any font in inkscape that is present by default in pdf..?


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Skickat: lördag 19 april 2008 2:02:05
Ämne: Re: [Inkscape-user] Saving as PDF creates a very large file

On Fri, 2008-04-18 at 23:24 +0000, Stephane Eybert wrote:
> I cannot see these fonts in my inkscape.
> Times-Roman      Helvetica                  Courier
> Symbol
> Times-Bold      Helvetica-Bold            Courier-Bold
> ZapfDingbats
> Times-Italic    Helvetica-Oblique        Courier-Oblique
> Times-BoldItalic Helvetica-BoldOblique Courier-BoldOblique
> There are lots of fonts but not these above.

Sorry, these are the standard fonts that are available in PDF.  That is
a flaw in Inkscape:  if they have an export as PDF, then they should
also have the PDF standard fonts available.

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