On Jul 18, 2007, at 8:18 AM, momo wrote:

The CMYK color input behaves strangely: in the Fill and Stroke panel, when I try to change the color percentages in the CMYK tab by entering numbers on the right of the color mixers, these numbers are somehow recalculated on the fly and already entered amounts change. Here's an example:
C   0   I change it into  44
M  27  jumps to           0
Y  61  jumps to           47
B  60  jumps to           71
And so on... It is almost impossible to input a CMYK color. Even entering CMYK color amounts with the help of the color sliders (for example MAGENTA) leads to subit changes in other colors (CYAN, YELLOW and BLACK).

Yes, it's a bit strange since we aren't really storing CMYK at the moment.

However I have been getting closer to unblocking a few parts of the codebase that will allow us to store CMYK values by using the ICC color data numbers.

This should be happening "Real Soon Now"... but is subject to delays due to my family moving back to our home finally, etc. My current guess is somewhere between 2 weeks through 2 months.