Is there any plans for Inkscape to have something more analogous to 'symbols' and a 'library' to organize them in?

As a Flash developer, I tend to miss these things.


On 1/23/07, Donn <> wrote:
> That looks very workable---I had somehow thought clones were mostly for
> tiling, but now I see their other virtues. Many thanks!
Hey - no problem. Good luck with your project.

You might find some drawbacks with them. I have odd situation sometimes with
fills and whatnot. If I move a clone around, sometimes the gradient fills
sort-of "lag" behind. When it happens, it's obvious.
Also, you should do some experiments with cloning a grouped object and whether
you can edit the original group -- I have had some trouble in the past. I am
not in Inkscape right now, so can't test as I type.


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