Thank you Terry.
3D Edge is now working fine as far as I can tell.

Terry Brown <> wrote:

Sorry guys, I messed up and uploaded the wrong version of my file yesterday. I've uploaded the correct one now.

Rather than give another direct file link that would go bad when the
file's replaced / updated, here's a link to the patch page:

The download links for the .py and .inx files you need are at the
bottom of the page: Download
edge3d.svg Docs for edge3d effect Download
edge3d.inx .inx file for 3d edge effect using blured paths Download

Remember to do Path>Object to Path to use it on shapes that aren't
paths. That's in the docs, but I just forgot and was about to start
cursing XP for not providing atan() or something weird like that :-)

As far as Puff's concerned, nothing to do with me, but I'd guess you
need Ruby installed and on the path, and the Puff and RubyInk (or
was it InkRuby) files copied to .../inkscape/share/extensions (on
XP) or in ~/.inkscape/extensions in linux.

Let me know if you have any more trouble / ideas for the edge3d

Cheers -Terry

Hmm, just noticed a bitmap of the edge3d ui is missing in the .svg
docs. file, but it's not really essential, I'll try and fix it.

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