On Oct 17, 2005, at 3:54 AM, Alan Horkan wrote:

Almost everyone upgrades to at least IE5 which effectively makes them the
same target platform as Windows 9x in terms of available libraries and
runtimes.  (Having said that my uncle has IE4 on Windows 98 but even so he
has been upgraded to Firefox.) It doesn't seem unreasonable to me to
require msvcrt6.dll or even msvcrt7.dll or unicows.dll as more and more
sottware require them.  What did you have in mind?

Well... "Almost" is not "everyone". :-)

In the past we've gotten bug reports for users in those situations. 

The w3 schools website has percentage listings of the Operating Systems
they are seeing on average which might be helpful.

Not so 

Not so much, especially since proxies and such skew those type of statistics. AOL's proxies alone hide a large number of users, and at some point they even had some nice pages for webmasters that had some interesting charts on that.