Hi all,

I am a french student in «Master 1» of computer sciences (equivalent to a Bac+4). I use Inkscape every days during my studies and hobbies. That's why, I am interested by the development of Inkscape. I have some skills in C/C++ and Doxygen but I never have contributed to an open source project. During my studies, I have done some programs, like an « image manipulation » program in C++ with QT, and some programs with GTK+. Also, I know how to report bugs, i already reported some bugs in Launchpad.

Currently, I have done a checkout of inkscape with Bazaar. And I maked the project, he is correctly running. So now, I am asking you what can I do in order to help the project.

If you want to ask me questions, we can go on IRC or something else. Also, you can show me the documentation that i have to read :-)

See you ;-)

Albin Manoėl