Thanks a lot for your reply !

However, don't be worry if that gives me some extra work to adjust filters settings in the future. Designing these filters was already a fantastic creative discovery.


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I'm not entirely sure I fully understand the scenario, but it sounds
about right. Except that as far as I've understood no one has committed
to actually coding something like this. (And I definitely do not have
the time to do this until about December or something.)

Ivan Louette wrote:
> Now to be more precise again : admitting I work with the future
> corrected version of Inkscape, I select an object or a picture in my
> document, I click on a filter in one of the lists in a Filters submenu
> while the filters.svg file in Inkscape directory is the same than today.
> Will Inkscape new version add to the filter the instructions needed to
> display the filter like it displays in Inkscape today ?
> Sorry, I am a visual person and not a coder (if I could I would... but
> at the moment no time to go further in this direction I am afraid) and I
> try to understand the most clearly I can because I must evaluate which
> kind and amount of work will be needed to adapt the results of my work
> if necessary.

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