Hi all,
  Lately, I've become obsessed with code quality. I've been reading Bjourne Stroustrup's "bible" on C++11, watched all videos of the "Going Native" conferences, started using clang, ..., and it has made me much more aware of the language's facilities for preventing bugs. I regularly browse over Inkscape's code and try to fix things I think can be improved (janitorial); our source is a pretty big mess
I really do think Inkscape can use some love to improve logic and to decrease some amount of spaghetti.

I just saw the book "Effective C++", which I believe is a great resource to inspire thought and learn how to write better code, and is meant for experienced programmers. How do you guys feel about donating this book to our top committers? (if you feel this is too egoistic of me, *I* will pay for my own copy myself, no worries, and pass my copy on to the dev that was just below the cut-off point).
In general: how do you guys feel about donating something to our top committers for their "education"?
We would need some metric of what "top committers" means, we could use ohloh.net's numbers.

*For example*, we have 10 people that committed more than 50 times in the past 12 months. So that'd be 10 books = 10 x 31 euro = 310 euro cost --- shipping and whatnot --> 400 euro cost.

What do you think?


(After we release 0.91, I will become very active in pushing for C++11 (i.e., upgrading our compiler dependencies to more modern versions so we can start using part of C++11 features), and general maintenance / refactoring / cleaning up. It's pretty rewarding I find, and very low-key in terms of long-time brain-investment.)